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Could we ever colonize the north pole or Antarctica someday?How would that affect us? Could we go farther than Antarctica and go to another planet? If that happened who would be the first to go and explore the planet? Do we need to spread out humanity in case of an Asteroid, or the world end?

  • May 9 2013: We'll do what we can. The North Pole If the ice melts, it's ocean
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    • May 13 2013: hahahahaha ya good point.
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      May 17 2013: Maybe not. I've traveled lots of places on an ocean-ship. I liked it. I didn't want to get off -- for months.

      And those Star Trek/Star Wars ships look really comfortable. Maybe we'll have Cruise Ships in outer space some day. Take a Cruise to see the Rings of Saturn, anyone?
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    May 8 2013: Yes we can colonize the poles but it would be in my opinion a better idea to colonize the ocean floor and continental shelf's. We know that there are large deposits of frozen Methane that can be used as fuel, and that as it exists poses a risk of catastrophic out gassing The skills needed to master the environments of space and those to master underwater living are similar, artificial environments to maintain, pressure, cold waste heat disposal and many others. Earth colonies are easier to rescue and resupply as well, plus the deep sea environments around the volcanic vents give us an opportunity to practice skills needed in exobiology.
    In response to the last part of your question, yes the sooner we can begin to transplant human and terrestrial biota to other worlds the better. as of yet we know of no other life than that on earth. It would be a tragic loss for us to allow it to perish if we have the ability to spread it, as soon as we begin to accept the cost in time and lives that true exploration of the space we live in we will not blink at 5 or 10 year voyages to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter to the asteroids to the mountains of perpetual light on the lunar south pole to the solar systems grandest canyon or most incredible volcano, to the point where we don't fear any random collision because we have the technology to move any dangerous rock, someday we might be the advanced aliens that another desperate planet scans the heavens for and we owe it to them to still be around.
  • May 13 2013: Thanks for the comments they helped a lot. :)