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Number crunching the US unemployment figures

Small but successful Maricopa Community College announced it will reduce the hours of 700 adjunct professors and 600 others to 25 hours per week to avoid paying 13 million dollars in additional insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). That would equate to 1300 hours per year. Even at $20 per hour that would be $26,000 a year making them officially "poor" and eligable for program assistance. The person used as a example in the Arizona Republic stated he now makes $10 per hour.

The question is ... since they are now part time (under the federal 30 hour work week) how will they be classified .... as part time if they quit they were just temps ... they were not fired so no unemployment .... is there a category for these people ... not working (in the past) means not employed and out of benefits ... Some are retired and will not show up anywhere other than retired.

As the trainwreck known as Obamacare rolls on the labor stats will become more murky than ever. Even now we do not count the high school student who worked a McD's for the summer and goes back to school as a loss ... we do however count the adult who takes his part time place as a gain.

The national debit clock says we have 11,639,392 officially unemployed but also shows that the actual is 21,559,423. So is it really 7.9% or 17%.

Warning: Do not look at the rest of the clock without a doctors approval .... the shock of the real figures may scare you to death.

Do you believe the media, the administration, or have you done your own homework?

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      May 8 2013: ZX, If you are concerned at all about the economy you would think that one through. Defense and defense related jobs and services employ a very high percentage of Americans. Reducing the size of government would help ... but again that is growing day by day .... it must be reduced but gradually.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
      • May 13 2013: Robert: It is true that the "Defense" industry employs a lot of peole, but what they are producing is useless or worse. "Not Capital Producing" , I believe is the Economic term. We might as well put them to work, digging holes in the ground one day, and filling them up the next. It is the sustenance of this gigantic drain on the national economy that is bankrupting us, like the British before us. Or the Romans, for that matter. Tell me again why we need more modern fighter planes to find Bin Laden.
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          May 13 2013: What you say would be true if the only custumer was the USA. As a former employee of a aircraft factory I can tell you that the US planes are a lot cheaper because of the sales around the world.

          The inventions for NASA and the DoD also spin off into the civilian market. The research is used in hundreds / thousands of ways for communications / elecrronics / medical / etc ... the defense industry has been and will continue to be a major player in the research and development area and a major employer both directly and indirectly.

          By the way Ben check out. You may have missed it .. Obama ran on the theme that GM is back and Obama is gone during my administration.
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      May 8 2013: Kate, To be fair we will not know until it is to late. 28 states said that the implementation will bankrupt the state. Companies, schools, and most all small businesses are cutting hours back to 25 per week as the new federal work week is 30 hours. Very few if any full time (40 hour week with benefits) are being filled.

      I just read over your plan and they foresee problems in the near future. Diabetes is diagnosed every 5 minutes, mental health is high and expensive, native care is loading up the system and the budget is really taking a big hit. Austrailian officials are looking into a revamp of the system. Hope it works out for you. The EU is in big trouble over their system .. quite simular to yours. Social Programs are the big millstone around their necks.

      After reading through the Obama proposal there are some ver disterbing areas ... and by their own admission the majority of Senators and Representives that voted have not read any part of the plan. However, they are all millionares and have a great free plan for life as the US elite and opted out of Obamacare. They are above the US law. The same as in any Communist / socialist leadership.

      In the paper everyday is a story about some company laying off a few thousand workers and going to part time ... on the same page is always a article that says the unemployment level is down and continuing to drop. There is never a match in the math .... for those who can do math or care.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.
  • May 13 2013: Robert : you're quite right, but that just means we are pressuring other countries that don't need airplanes either, to impoverish their citizens for dubious reasons.
    I kinow it's not all bad. It was a secret government nuclear aircraft engine project that potentially solved the world energy crisis for us, 40 years ago. The Liquid Fueled Thorium Reactor (LFTR) We forgot about it, but apparently the Chinese have not.
  • May 9 2013: Average weekly wages in America when adjusted for inflation have been falling for forty years. These are federal numbers and are consistent with what I could observe when I could keep my law office open. Do you expect any politican to tell us the truth. What is happening? What happened for decades before the Great Depression. This has nothing to do with obamacare which was passed on the assumption that we were still a rich nation and could do what rich nations do.