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Why is evolution considered a fact?

A key component of evolution is spontaneous generation. If Pasteur refuted spontaneous generation in the 1800's, why is evolution considered a fact? ,


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    May 9 2013: Its a theory, but please tell me how the birth of a baby is not evolution? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFrVmDgh4v4
    • May 9 2013: The birth of anything is evolution in action. Genetics = evolution. Mutations occur with every conception. Most are barely noticeable. However, when a beneficial mutation occurs in the setting of the correct environmental conditions, that mutation can lead to an advantageous trait that is beneficial to that species survival and propagation. Every single generation has that capacity for advancing species survival. We can negatively effect this, however, with practices that do not promote the advantageous: inbreeding (just look at the health problems suffered by pure-bred dogs), cloning, genetic manipulation, etc. Evolution occurs at variable rates, depending on the environmental stressors at the time. During periods of extreme environmental upheaval, these beneficial mutations will have a more immediate effect and cause more rapid change. Of course rapid is a relative term, we are talking about hundreds to thousands of years at the quickest.
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        May 17 2013: I can't tell where you stand on this, but please explain how I grew/developed from a sperm and an egg?
        • May 23 2013: Do you really want to know how sexual reproduction occurs? By that I truly mean do you want to know the whole of embryogenesis? Textbooks have been written on it but I will give you a very truncated version if you want. However, i think you have a different meaning behind your question that I am not understanding fully, so I ask you to define your question a bit more for me.
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        May 23 2013: You said the birth of anything is evolution. I believe you are talking about evolution in a big picture kind of idea where evolution would take generations for it to happen. And we would only be able to actually tell via hind sight if evolution even happened at all. I am ascertaining that birth, evolution creation is the same thing. Obviously you can not have birth without creation first. New life doesn't just spontaneously come into being. So it has to be created, in this case it the parents who choose to be the creator. From there a sperm and an egg, dont grow or develop into a human. They evolve into a human being. Least try a different perspective. Evolution says that we where once descendents of ape/monkey (what not) but within your lifetime (in theory) you were a descendant of a sperm and an egg. And yet we struggle to see that as evolution. Evolution is the free will of creation.
        • May 23 2013: Now I understand. You are confusing evolution with development. When I said that every birth is evolution it was in the broad sense that every conception carries with it mutations. Some of those mutations may be advantageous and lead to a stronger perpetuation of the species, and possibly change it a little. Over time a series of these changes leads to evolution of a new species. Thus every birth is and can be evolution in action. Sperm and egg do not evolve, they develop. The mixing of their DNA leads to mutations which may lead to advantageous changes which may then lead to a new species. Humans are not descendants of apes or monkeys. Apes, monkeys, and humans are all descendants of adapids and /or omomyids, early protoprimates. I am not a descendant of a sperm and egg, I am a descendant of early homonids who were descendants of protoprimates. Evolution has no will, it occurs in response to environmental stresses.
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        May 24 2013: So what you are a saying is that you were never once in your fathers nutsack? And your mom's fallopian tube? And I believe it might be you and the rest of the science world that is confusing evolution with development. I am sorry. You simply can't start as a sperm and egg who then divide and divide and develop into a human or for that matter any mammal.(step back and think about this) It is a mutation which suggest evolution. It's easier to show you came from a sperm then it is to show we evolved from adapids and /or omomyids, early protoprimates.

        Evolution is the free will of creation but it is not as free will as you would like to suggest.
        • May 25 2013: I was never in my father's "nut sack" nor my mom's fallopian tubes. After conception I was in my mother's uterus. I did not exist until conception. Before that, sperm and egg are monoploid and therefore not human. Once conception has occurred it is now diploid and a human life form. Development now occurs. Individuals do not evolve, evolution occurs over a period of time, but the changes in individuals can lead to evolutionary changes. Once you are here and are set genetically there is no evolution occuring, it has occured already. When you say "It's easier to show you came from a sperm then it is to show we evolved from adapids and /or omomyids" you are talking in non-sequiters. Because evolution occurs over long periods the evidence exists in fossil records, in chromosomal analysis, in phenotypic analysis. It is quite easy to show that primates evolved from earlier forms, the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE is quite clear - unless you refuse to acknowledge it because a book told you too. And that is fine, if you choose fiction over fact it makes no difference in every day life. But I am done. This is like Plato's allegory of the cave. If you spend your life believing the shadows are reality you can not process the real world when someone shows it to you, and I am tired of these round-and-round conversations that get nowhere.
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        May 28 2013: Sorry Michael but you were once in your fathers nutsack or at least 50% (remember its dna and rna that create life not thought) of you was at one point in time. Did your parents ever tell you about the birds and the bees?

        It is not a non-sequiter, because you could not have any mammal on earth without sperm, you just said that you came into being from a monoploid which is not human. So how? how? did this non human being or entity become a human? .... Guess what its not development... it had to evolve for that to happen....had to.

        Oh and your Plato allegory the visual world that you see with your eyes is the shadow. Check out Quantum physics

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