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Why is evolution considered a fact?

A key component of evolution is spontaneous generation. If Pasteur refuted spontaneous generation in the 1800's, why is evolution considered a fact? ,


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    May 10 2013: I think I'm in the wrong place to continue to comment. Check the profile of the individual who started this thread. The Order of Melchizedek Ministries is outside the mainstream of faith experience in the U.S.A. But that says nothing about the validity of faith or the power of belief. It's different. It is not the same as the faith of my childhood, but everyone is welcome here. But we shall see. And this is TED -- so there is nothing here that is unequal to the challenging question presented here.

    None of us are completely identical to any other. We are not all the same. And from the perspective of faith, this truth can only reflect the wisdom of our Creator. This is God's challenge to the limits of our understanding. And broadening the boundaries of belief can be a very difficult task. In many respects, it is the most difficult experience faced by the faithful. How do you believe? And WHAT do you believe when faced with so many compelling and attractive alternatives. I've found a very difficult answer in my journey, but my personal journey is not yet over. The question is not "to believe or not to believe." The question is: "What do I believe!" I accept the facts as science measures and confirms them. The inconsistencies challenge my faith. But my faith will never be complete if I personally, am unwilling to face that challenge. And that is part of what, I believe, TED is all about.
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      May 10 2013: Hello Juan could you please explain what you mean by "hit and run"

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