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Why is evolution considered a fact?

A key component of evolution is spontaneous generation. If Pasteur refuted spontaneous generation in the 1800's, why is evolution considered a fact? ,


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    May 10 2013: Thumbs up all around. This is a GREAT debate!

    I tend to simplify things when I talk about them. Lets use babies as an example. We all, as adults, know where babies come from. But any parent will know immediately what comes next. Babies are tiny little miracles that grow up & become people, like us adults. But when our child is three or four or five & asks: "Where do babies come from?" we tend to have a number of choices in what we, as parents, tell them. Generally, parents all agree. When your kid first asks: "Where do babies come from?" that is NOT the time to tell them about the birds & the bees. Or if you tell them, you speak ONLY about birds & ONLY about bees. Generally, nobody says anything about that yucky thing that men & women do using bathroom parts. Yuck!!! Except all music & all movies seem to revolve around that most intimate event involving exactly those self-same bathroom parts. Bathroom parts are generally what you service in the bathroom. Most people flush only AFTER those parts are all, safely tucked away. When we finally got a little older and heard the truth (from an authoritative & believable source), even that was hard to fathom! "My parents would NEVER do something like THAT!!" Yuck! No way! Not MY Mom & Dad!!

    Given the foregoing, what's my point? Well, just because we know WHERE and HOW babies are made, is that the whole story? And now that Medical Science understands all about gametogenesis, fertilization, conception, implantation, embryology, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, contraception & childbirth, does THAT mean we have the whole story? Aren't we leaving SOMETHING out?

    As a parent myself, I have to say: Babies come from Heaven! They do. Diaper changes & all those other necessities come from somewhere else! But Babies themselves some from heaven. And just because we have a whole lot of really GOOD scientific information about where babies come from; are they NOT miracles? God made them. True? Yes?

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