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Does sharing ideas change minds?

Does the ability to spread ideas far and wide at speed mean that the ideas will get better? That there will be more new ideas? Or will we see regurgitation rather than cogitation?

Are people that willing to change their opinions and beliefs without rigorous experience?

In the age of social networking, does argument serve any purpose beyond that of entertaining pastime?


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  • Apr 6 2011: Definitely yes. In fact, I think this situation is like the difference between a person who has always lived in the same little town (and has communicated with a limited number of people) and one who traveled his/her whole life, discovering new cultures and new perspectives about everything life is supposed to be. TED gives us all the chance to improve somehow the quality of our lives - it might sound exagerated, but I really feel that.

    Plus, the human nature is doing its job and we have this great curiosity that makes us want to find more and more about things that we like, that interest us, that intrigue us.So in a way TED gives us also an impulse to.. at least to enrich our general culture.

    (I'm sorry if I made grammar mistakes, I tried to make myself understood)
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      Apr 6 2011: Mirela,
      You are PERFECTLY understood.....in my humble perception:>)

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