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Does sharing ideas change minds?

Does the ability to spread ideas far and wide at speed mean that the ideas will get better? That there will be more new ideas? Or will we see regurgitation rather than cogitation?

Are people that willing to change their opinions and beliefs without rigorous experience?

In the age of social networking, does argument serve any purpose beyond that of entertaining pastime?


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    Apr 6 2011: Innovation comes in cycles. Someone thinks up a revolutionary idea, that ideas spreads and a bigger set of ideas forms because of that breakthrough. This explosion of innovation then becomes the norm for a while, until someone else comes up with a better idea. and the whole thing begins again.
    The internet is speeding this cycle up. New ideas are being spread at incredible rates and in turn being created at incredible rates. We are quick to accept a new idea as the norm nowadays, but we are just as quick to move on to another one.

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