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Why can't we formulate cost effective potent dosage forms for such neglected tropical diseases and distribute in those endemic areas.

Similar to malaria there are many neglected tropical diseases. Recently I came to know many facts about ASCARIASIS, which is very infectious in some regions of africa. My idea is to formulate novel, potent, cost effective dosage form of anti-helmenthic drugs and distribute in endemic regions of world.

  • May 9 2013: India is doing a great deal more than we are. Cost is the issue. Maybe Frederick von Hayek is right in The Road to Serfdom when he tells us the problem is patent law and corporations.
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    May 8 2013: Ascariasis is caused by a parasite. An anti-helmenthic drug would be sort of a "one-time use." It would certainly kill the parasite, but it would not be very effective in preventing further infections. To keep further infections from happening, these regions would need safe waste disposal, protection of food from dirt, and lots of water for washing of vegetables, hands, and fruits. You'll find that countries with good infrastructure can easily cope with Ascariasis.
  • Jun 8 2013: We can and it can be done. With the right level of initiative and the right person pushing the issue, it most definitely could and should be.

    That being said, those who make money from these drugs don't want that to happen because it cuts in to their bottom line.
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    May 9 2013: I agree with your answer, but I read complete life cycle of ascariasis and got an idea. It was written in one article that 5% phenol or cresol inhibits growth of larvae. If we kill this larvae in intestine, then it doesn't lays eggs by which we cn eliminate contamination and further spreading of disease
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      May 9 2013: Great idea! First of all, I think cresol needs to be tested further for medical use, so that might take a while since it has the ability to burn and cause organ damage in high amounts. Then you would have to distribute it. Good luck if you decide to pursue this noble cause.

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        May 11 2013: Michael Huang Thank you for your valuable suggestions.