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What's the point of novels?

All of us would agree that reading for facts and knowledge widens our perspective, but what does reading novels do?
Do we read novels for the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves or does it make us intelligent in some way?
How can one take lessons from a story that was made up and characters that do not exist?

Is reading novels just a waste of time? a sort of video game for those who like to read?


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    May 24 2013: many novels are made due to inner voice of writers that
    1- they have the skill to express their fiction in the form of story
    2-they really have a story
    3-they can show their expressions in such way
    4-they need to share their feelings with other people
    5-money can be gained by such way (some of them )
    for the point of being how to make use of fictional stories in our life, many novels express existed stories but not by these names particularly
    for novels that speak about the past or it`s events are historical many writers add info. about the nature of life in such times and the reader starts to imagine how the life was
    finally, we can say that, to make it real, you have to make it a story :)
    i can`t deny that lots of us read to relax their minds or make time pass or get rid of boring moments but also we can`t deny that reading is the best for all of us and reading in all fields to have open mindset that able to accept right different ideas and widen our horizons by imagining novels events :)

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