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What's the point of novels?

All of us would agree that reading for facts and knowledge widens our perspective, but what does reading novels do?
Do we read novels for the sole purpose of entertaining ourselves or does it make us intelligent in some way?
How can one take lessons from a story that was made up and characters that do not exist?

Is reading novels just a waste of time? a sort of video game for those who like to read?


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  • May 11 2013: We read novels to find ourselves, to be reassured that we aren't alone in all our loneliness. Much as one can see a star better without looking directly at it, we sometimes need that bit of distance to see and forgive ourselves--laugh at ourselves and go forward.
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      May 12 2013: getting ourselves out of this world and taking a look at things from distance,,, I like that.
      Thanks Carol for your contribution!

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