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Do you know where Al-Nobbol and Al-Zahra are located?

It’s been about two years that a war in Syria has started in the name of human rights, but what is actually occurring in this country? Do you know what the United States of America and its allies are censoring in the media and with what view they are giving the news for people to hear? Till now, have you heard of the beheading of human beings? Have you heard of the name of gharzavi before? Till now have you thought who are the terrorists and leaders of the Freedom Army of Syria and where they live? Has your local and national media ever given you news about the cites of Al-Nobbol and Al-Zahra ?

I a person living in the Middle East will give you the answer to all these questions.

What you hear about Al-Qaeda ,which was a object to invade Afghanistan, was a deflection and corruption made by the enemy of Islam Ibn-Taymiyeh 700 years ago. Following him, 300 years ago this thought was processed and strengthened by ideologists with the guidance of a Britain Spy by the name of Hamfer(stated in his biography),in the Arabian Peninsula. This Wahabi ideology strengthened until it ruled and controlled Arabia. One of their main beliefs is human beings who are against their ideology are kafars(Against Allah) and most of the main sect’s religious moftis(religious leaders ) reside in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They call Jews, Christians, and even hundreds of millions of Muslims who are against their radical interpretation of Islam kafars who they must murder. The Grand Mufti of Qatar, gharzavi, is the religous head of the terrorists in Syria. Terrorists who have sieged the cities of Al-NoSbbol and Al- Zahra, two Syrian cites near the Syrian- Turkish border, with the population of 70,000 for about one year. The Freedom Army of Syrian has not let food and water and necessary supplies go in these cities. For this reason, some young adults of both cities left to bring supplies, but the so called Freedom Army of Syria beheaded some and captured the others. The seized and captured wer

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    • May 12 2013: john i have a question for you:are you human i was interested for your answer
      please see the history of the world when the ideologies was create their organizations AL-Qaeda in few years ago just existed in Afghanistan now they are in Syria and Afghanistan tomorrow they are in your city this idea same as a cancer can growth in the body of the world
      our goal(all humans)is perfect world by perfect humans can you opposite by this idea can you hate the perfect world(paradise)-clearly no!!!
    • May 26 2013: John M: I'm afraid you are wrong about the American people's knowledge of Middle East affairs. In fact they are stupefyingly ignorant. For instance, the mystery about why a small, fanatic minority of extremist Moslems have such influence in that area. The answer is simple: these Redneck, violent Medieval Moslem minorities were deliberately chosen by the British and French, with our help, to secure their Empires after WW1, by establishing crippled, dysfunctional Arab Puppet States designed to be easily controlled by our Allies. Since then we seem to have fallen into the habit of continuing this destructive idea., which naturally infuriates any thinking Moslem .
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        • May 26 2013: John M. I did not intend to insult anyone. But to deny the open, recorded history of post WW1 treaty swindles against our former allies, the Arabs, is scandalous. And certainly ignorant. Do you deny what I said about that era ? If so, how do you think all these Redneck Arabs, who had been suppressed by the Turks for 400 years, came "out if the woodwork" ? Remember, before 1914 , Arab "Terrorists", did not exist. And the Arab Empire, FYI, was generally considered at least as civilized as Europe. It is, in fact, thanks to them that our knowledge of the glories of Greece and Rome were preserved and transmitted to us; It didn't come through Europe (at that time).
  • May 9 2013: international media is misguiding and misinforming by relaying some news out of context and by supressing some news to conceal facts. peace in the world cannot come without a transparent media free of all presures.
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    May 8 2013: This is very interesting information, I agree with you that the media presenting a different picture of actual Syria!
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    May 31 2013: Honestly, to me, These past wars have all seemed fought on premises hidden from the public. It seems the parties involved are only involved for issues that would benefit said involvement, ( I..E. a gain from winning ) In an age where technology has increased tenfold, our humanity decreases about the same rate.

    Just question yourself this much, " Why is Russia Supplying arms to Syrian Government, while the USA is supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels?

    How does this differ from any other war in our past, where a bet is placed, and players hedge their bets on what they feel is the winning side.

    Would these same people making these choices make the same choices if they were the one's fighting?
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    May 29 2013: No! But I hope the U.S. drones find them all!
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    May 28 2013: nope.
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    May 27 2013: I..... cannot take a stand in this idea. This "may" be right, but living in a completely unrelated country, I cannot tell who is right and who is guilty. But the only thing that I can say is that the name of this debate hit me: I had heard of these countries and cities everyday in news, but I actually didn't even know where it was! I should have paid more attention to these kinds of controversies, especially when there are hundreds and thousands of lives involved...
  • May 26 2013: I disagree with this statement.

    " Do you know what the United States of America and its allies are censoring in the media and with what view they are giving the news for people to hear? "

    I oppose that kind of statement, because it assumes (that you have access to all media in the us and allied countries and have vetted it all), so it presupposes far too many things, and is such a generalization written in a way that says, "they are the enemy", "we are all the enemy", and that our own governments are the enemy.

    It's also somewhat insulting to the reader as it implies we are all just gullible fools.

    Now I dont want an argument, I think your bring things to light here on TED, it IS the right way to go about it, but that type of sentence is only going to create the sort of response that makes one NOT want to participate.

    And conversely can you please tell me a country on this planet that does NOT censor by omission, or self-interest.

    I'll give you a good example of that, you're using a pc, a laptop, a cell phone, all probably made in China. These products made in China kill 600,000 people a year due to excessively long working hours, literally from exhaustion and stress related issues?

    Why is the Syrian media censoring this? Why are they hiding it from you? Are there some secret Syrian/Chinese government deals that no-one is talking about?

    I hope you see the reason for not using such statements, I think it takes away from one's cause.
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    May 9 2013: MT, Over the years the USA has been a failed diplomatic mission and additionally the intelligence gathering capabilities have been reduced or eliminated. We are more and more dependent upon the assets of other nations. The US media is fully controllede by the current administration and if the administration does not recognize a problem or issue in a speciic part of the world then for us it quite litterally does not exist.

    We are just finding out about Bengasi. The administration and the press are mad because the Senate Committe are questioning Hillary Clinton .... the darling of the democratic party .... saying that if anything is found it would damage her political potential in the next election. It is all about politics .... any other leader would step up and take the hit. The US political machine has never had transparency and never will.

    We hear about beheading and the like but it is a quick report from the BBC or other feeds. We have no middle east policy and no diplomatic relations .... heck we don't even have good political relation IN the USA let alone elsewhere.

    If it looks like some votes are interested and on the line we will begin to be informed ... if the press is allowed.
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    May 8 2013: The broadcast networks and most local newspapers are far from comprehensive about international news. They emphasize heavily national and local news.
  • May 8 2013: Keep posting.
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    • May 8 2013: Iran doesn't sent 150.000 troops to Syria.the number of terrorists are 40000 and they come from all over the world for example Tunisia Arabia saudia and etc.
  • May 8 2013: No This is far beyond what I read in the papers. I will return to learn more.