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As a TEDx organizer please share a best practices, an innovation, something incredible or something useful from your TEDx event.

As a TEDx organizer what is the one nugget you would want to share with other TEDx organizers that would be incredibly useful, inspirational or innovative as they execute their TEDx event. Keep it real.


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    May 20 2011: A week before an event, host a "speakers dinner"... inviting the speakers and core team members to have a friendly chat over great food.

    Helps bond speakers and team. Aside from being a good break from all the (busy) prep work (both on the speakers' side, and on the team's side), it also results in better chemistry and flow between speakers/talks during the event
    This is something our co-founders at TEDxJakarta (http://www.tedxjkt.org/team/) originated in the early days. Hope it works out nicely for your TEDx too!

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      Jun 7 2011: Yes, we in TEDxBandung do similar thing in our 2nd event (March 27). The night before the event, we invited some of our speakers for rehearsal, and after that some of them nicely stay together with the team throughout the night, sharing (and singing together), forming our bonds even deeper!

      We realized that in TEDx, the regular attendees, speakers, and the organizing team basically are the ones that form the TEDx community, the differentiating points are that TEDx speakers are members who have the privilege to speak, and the organizing committee are the ones who have the privilege to organize the event.
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        Jul 6 2011: We at TEDxDirigo organize a rehearsal dinner as well and ask that all presenters and organizers be there. It's one of the only chances for everyone to be together for an opportunity to connect in a more relaxed setting. And there's just something timeless about breaking bread together to forge bonds and community.

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