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As a TEDx organizer please share a best practices, an innovation, something incredible or something useful from your TEDx event.

As a TEDx organizer what is the one nugget you would want to share with other TEDx organizers that would be incredibly useful, inspirational or innovative as they execute their TEDx event. Keep it real.


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    Apr 13 2011: I always look at events with a 'no stress allowed' planning attitude. Every part of your event can be planned for, it just sometimes takes some experience to know just what to look for. This goes for obvious things like the weather (if it rains we need a tent for the afterparty) to the complex (a speaker starts pitching a startup after they practiced a different talk).

    For first time or new organizers I would
    * list out why you are having your event (school sustainability is being overlooked / is in a direction the community doesn't like!)
    * list out what a 'perfect' event would be (venue, feeling, speakers, excitement)
    * create a team that has time to work on the project that you can trust to follow through (each has their specialty ~ a host, curator, event production manager, stage manager, design, website and volunteer organizer)
    * discuss and start planning with the team on just how you would merge the first two items

    With a stress free approach, you are open to really seeing the opportunities for innovation.

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