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Results only learning environment

Whilst I am new to ROLE I am very intersted in using it within my School. However being a PE and Sport teacher there is one part of it that I distinctly disagree with. This being the lack of competition infact Mark Barnes you have said that it actually eliminates competition.

Whilst this creates learners who want to learn does it ready students for the world we are sending them into. Competition is the basis of everything they will walk into. Especially the first job they ever go for. Surely this results only environment has to be a whole shift at a social level, re designing how everything is run in society and lets face it moving towards a communist environment.

Im not sure it fits into society as a whole and would love to know how it does.

  • May 10 2013: What about children with special needs ?
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    May 9 2013: . I think:
    Competition for symbiosis ---- Hunting, gathering, defending, ...
    ---- Human paradise!

    Competition for inequality ---- Making too much money, bullying, invading, ....
    ---- Human self-extinction!
    • May 9 2013: Understood, using that language however the lines are far more blurred than that.
  • May 9 2013: ROLE is a conglomeration of mindless popular drivel on what schools should be, stress free, entrepreneurial, self directed, creative, community, etc.
    It talks a lot about what to do but not very much on what final results should be.

    But that would requirement measurements and measurements are on the bad list.

    To me it is a most distasteful pile of flaming dog shit and another in a long series of educational ideas not based on evidence but based on some ideology.

    It is gaining popularity in the west because of the inexplicable fear parents and/or teachers have for any form of competition that produces a winner and (horrors) a loser. All of our kids are winners, just some of them are only good enough to work as Wallmart greeters (I'll bet there's even competition for that role).

    Actually, most kids before they start school have many of the characteristics that ROLE intends to cultivate. We just have to find a way not to beat it out of them.
    That is a function of how good the teacher is, not how you teach the kid.
  • May 8 2013: Ben PE and sports play a very important part in education - They can introduce a little testosterone to kids who see so little of it. Bless educators feminine hearts, but there are at least two genders.
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    May 8 2013: It fits squarely in the middle of society.

    The current culture would have you believe otherwise but it ain't so.

    Here is a thought ,for any game to be a game it must have metrics, ie a score, money, life, etc.

    I suspect you are running into the equality meme. It is a steaming pile of zombie "thinking" ignore it.
    • May 9 2013: Ok you telling me it fits into current culture how???? No this style of teaching.... i dont understand this concept at all competition is part of everyones life.
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        May 9 2013: Competition fits squarely in the middle of society