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In Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week: Who was your favorite teacher?

Let's give a shout out to our favorite teacher, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

And why stop with TED?....send them an email (you can link this page to your email greetings so they can see you've let everyone know they were special to you)...or send a card...or flowers.....or why not stop by the school and say a hello in person?


Closing Statement from W T

"I put on Band-Aids and winter coats and school plays. I know they will not understand the difference between your and you're. I say "Cover your mouth," after they have coughed on me.

I wear green on Saint Patrick's Day, red on Valentine's Day, and my bathrobe on Pajama Day.

I buy books about cats and dogs and sharks and volcanoes and horses and dinosaurs. I turn jump ropes and am base in tag. I am glad you can only get chicken pox once.

I am a teacher.

I can borrow and carry very fast. I give them more time to answer six times eight than two times three. I never end a sentence with a preposition. I know what a preposition is.

I have every teacher mug that Hallmark ever made and every Save the Children tie too. I say, "Use two hands!" when they carry their lunch trays. I say, "Accidents happen," after they did not use two hands.

I am a teacher.

I have sung "Happy Birthday" 657 times. I know when a child has gum in his mouth even when he is not chewing.

I plan lessons while shaving, showering, driving, eating, and sleeping. I plan lessons five minutes before the bell rings. I pray for snow days. I pray for Stephen to be absent.

I can make a telescope out of a toilet paper roll and a totem pole out of oatmeal boxes. I can make snowflakes out of coffee filters and a space shuttle out of a Pringles can too.

I fix watchbands, repair eyeglasses, and search for lost milk money after freeze tag.

I know when a child does not understand. I know when a child is not telling the truth. I know when a child was up too late last night. I know when a child needs help finding a friend.

I am a teacher."

from the book: 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny by Phillip Done

To all of you TEACHERS out there, who selflessly give of yourselves to your students, and who become mentors and friends to your students, THANK YOU. Your work does not go unnoticed.

And to all of you TED members who contributed to this thread, I thank you also.

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    May 8 2013: My favorite teacher was more than my teacher. Madame Fox was my mentor, adviser and friend. On the first day of high school, I walked into French class not knowing how much choosing to learn French over Spanish would affect my life. For the next four years, she taught me for two years and advised me as a French Club officer for three. These details are irrelevant though because what really mattered was that she was involved in my life. She was there for the times I fell and lost some best friends in awful happenstances. She was also there when I found out I was valedictorian, a goal I never thought I would accomplish. Through all of this, she shared her own thoughts on language, culture and (most importantly) education. She was heartbroken when she learned I planned to become engineer because she always wanted me to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher.

    Last year, I realized my calling was to change engineering education, which means I'm working on becoming an educator in engineering. She was one of the first people I told. Throughout my educational career, I've had some amazing teachers, but Madame will always stand out as someone who made a world of difference in my life. I know she'll continue to watch me and root for me from the sidelines.
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      May 8 2013: Morgan thank you for sharing this story.
      What a wonderful career choice, to change engineering education.

      All the best Morgan!!
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        May 8 2013: Thank you so much! I look forward to what the future holds! =]

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