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Neuroscientific studies of Enlightened human beings

Enlightenment is an actual experience which changes the perspective and perception of the individual, which has been touted in all the ancient religious scriptures spanning all global cultures. Buddha is considered to be enlightened. So is Jesus. Thus all major religions have sprung from individuals who have experienced enlightenment.

There are individuals right now on the planet, who have experienced Enlightenment as well. There are many teachers who spread the non-dual philosophy, and are engaged in traditions which help guide individuals towards their own personal experience of enligthenment. These teachers have a radically different perception about the world, as in they do not see any separation between anything at all, to the extent that they do not have identify with an external ego/ personality but identify themselves as the silent awareness within the consciousness.

My core idea is to study brains of such individuals so as to learn how different their brain is from ours, and the reasons for the difference. These individuals have numerous students who would like to attain the same consciousness state as they have. Hence it would provide additional insights to the students as to how they could be open to enligthenment. I believe such a study would bring the debate between science and religion to a close once and for all.

I know atleast 5 individuals who have experienced enlightenment, and who would be open to such a study. If you have any further idea/ suggestion or if you are interested in participating or even conducting this study please email me.


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    Feb 16 2011: This is already under way (see Mind and Life Institute for example), but I totally support any extra efforts in that direction!!
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      Feb 16 2011: Thank you for sharing information about Mind and Life Institiute. But it seems or appears as if Mind and Life Institute is focussed only on Tibetan Masters. There are Enlightened masters right here in United States, who can be good subjects to be studied as well., This would be a great thing if it could lead to a brain criterion for enlightenment.

      LIke you have said, I believe there needs to be more initiatives in this direction. As this would be extremely helpful for many spiritual aspirants. I am extremely interested in understanding the effects of Kundalini on consciousness as a result of such a study, as there are more individuals who end up with awakened kundalini because of incorrect guidance for their spiritual practice, and such a state of kundalini is associated with progressing towards enlightenment.

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