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With the demise of the truly world wide Torch Relay after Beijing 2008 is there an electronic way we can inspire children.prior to RIO?

In 2008, I was a Torchbearer for Beijing and the relay went to all 5 Olympic continents- 137000 kms. With 1936, being the first world relay and therefore a "Hitler" idea and with security issues around China and Tibet, the London Torch Relay only circled Athens then the British Isles - 8000 miles. There is a definite possibility that there will never be another truly worldwide torch relay where children in the southern hemisphere can be "inspired" by a Northern hemisphere Olympics? There is an opportunity with RIO, to create a "new" inspirational idea for the Olympics where cost and security are addressed and children around the world are still inspired. Post Beijing and then London I attended over 30 schools and spoke to over 10000 children about the Olympics and gave them the opportunity with another Torchbearer from 3 Olympics to hold real Olympic Torches. My thought is - there are former Torchbearers in probably every city / town in the World? If such people were encouraged to go into schools such as we have on a small scale the whole world could be inspired?

  • May 8 2013: Having attended 30 schools and spoken to thousands of kids I think it is relevant. Kids want to be part of the Olympics but without a Torch Relay there is a danger that it may be come just another sporting event. Because there is a 4 year gap each Olympiad reflects a changing world. 1936 the rise of Germany, 1948 the move to peace, etc. The Torch Relay thought up by Germany in 1936 had a 72 year legacy so the opportunity is to see what "we" replace it with?