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TED Talks Education: The PBS special

Earlier this week on PBS: TED Talks Education, our first original televised event!

We're absolutely delighted with how the show turned out. Rita Pierson, Geoffrey Canada, Bill Gates and Sir Ken Robinson brought the house down with powerful talks, and host John Legend was truly inspirational.

The show is now available globally on the PBS website (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/ted-talks-education/) and, starting at 11am (EST), we'll be posting full-length versions of the talks from the show on TED.com. Several of them clock in at 18 minutes.

But enough about us. What questions and thoughts did the show bring to mind for you? Use this space to discuss.


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  • May 8 2013: the constructive observations made by the program were first that education (schooling) does not occur in a vacuum that it is a reflection of the larger cultural institutions of politics, economics and family. Rita Pearson stated up front that we know why there is such a high dropout rate "for reasons such as poverty and negative peergroup influence" Sure wanting to go to school becuase it is stimulating and revelvant in a kids life is important and schools can do a better job, but schooling in not autonomous. the other conclusion concerned the formula for success. though i am very suspious when the experts refer to the science of education , the psychologists presentation seemed based on science. i understood the conclusion to be that 'grit' was it. all other factors were secondary. she went on to say that tragically see had no idea were it comes from or how to develop it. tthough not much, a start. the other constructive observation the show made was that we lack a thought 'philosophy of education behind our schools. the show was a superfical hodgepoge of confused ideas, [latitudes and misinformation

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