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TED Talks Education: The PBS special

Earlier this week on PBS: TED Talks Education, our first original televised event!

We're absolutely delighted with how the show turned out. Rita Pierson, Geoffrey Canada, Bill Gates and Sir Ken Robinson brought the house down with powerful talks, and host John Legend was truly inspirational.

The show is now available globally on the PBS website (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/ted-talks-education/) and, starting at 11am (EST), we'll be posting full-length versions of the talks from the show on TED.com. Several of them clock in at 18 minutes.

But enough about us. What questions and thoughts did the show bring to mind for you? Use this space to discuss.


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  • May 8 2013: i cannot see- so this is not edited-sorry

    I slept on it and listened to bits again before reacting. and i must say that the program hurt more than helped any real discussion on public education. Even TED and PBS disappointment me in that the subtext of the program was a sales pitch for technology, specifically Gates recommendation of a 5 billion doolar commttment to cameras in the classrooms...only 2% of the budget! Does Gates have a vested interest here? As a passing question, what are Bill gates credentials for being a central figure in "shifting tyhe educational paradigm or " an officer in the "revolution

    this brings me to a criticism of the programs criticism of current education. The entire program had a "chicken little" mindset that education is in accute crisis. Dr. Canada condemned the system for historical failure because of of the inability to change. And though John Legend said at the outset that there would be no "finger pointing" , teachers and the current methods and management of teaching were criticized throughout. From first hand experience these simply aren't the case. teachers do get feedback well beyond mr' gates condecending "satisfactory" and teachers are creative and experiental and adaptive. I will go as far as accusing bill gates of intentionally misleading us with his ranking data. if you find the chart he used online shanki, china is not on it as it is a national comparison, even school kids could find the flaw in gates analysis and all the suspisseions in these sorts of comparison.-continued

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