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TED Talks Education: The PBS special

Earlier this week on PBS: TED Talks Education, our first original televised event!

We're absolutely delighted with how the show turned out. Rita Pierson, Geoffrey Canada, Bill Gates and Sir Ken Robinson brought the house down with powerful talks, and host John Legend was truly inspirational.

The show is now available globally on the PBS website (http://www.pbs.org/wnet/ted-talks-education/) and, starting at 11am (EST), we'll be posting full-length versions of the talks from the show on TED.com. Several of them clock in at 18 minutes.

But enough about us. What questions and thoughts did the show bring to mind for you? Use this space to discuss.


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  • May 8 2013: Ken Robinson's summing up was really on the dot. Schools should be places where we educate to learn and not teach to test. Be great if teachers and schools could have the liberty to do just that...so that children learn to love learning and their natural inclination to innovate is given room to breath.
    Well done TED for sharing this...more of the same please!!
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      May 13 2013: I totally agree with Sir Ken Robinson, usually 100% of the time. However, this speech was the only time I took exception with one thing he said. Everything was so eloquent and his analogies were exceptionally clever. However, one analogy was a off target and I only know this because of the amount of reading I have done in regards to education reform. He made a comparison between testing in education and medicine. It was not accurate A cholesterol level would align to the idea of a norm-referenced test. However, this is an entirely different type of assessment than those given today in the U.S. Today's high-stakes tests at the state level are standards-based assessments and they are an entirely different beast.

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