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When will the rest of the talks from TED 2013 be posted online? My favorite talk was by Meg Jay, but I can't find it posted yet.

How long does it take TED to post all the talks from the conference? How do they determine the order of posted talks?

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    May 7 2013: You probably know that one talk goes up each day. I hope one of the curatorial staff will give you an answer as to when Meg Jay's talk might be posted, but as many others, including Forbes magazine, counted it as one of the top five talks at the conference, I am sure many others are waiting for it with you!

    Meanwhile, there are published interviews online of her talking about her new book.

    If you attended the event, which it seems you did if you saw the talk, doesn't your registration give you access to the conference archive for the talks? I believe TEDLive participants also, those who attended over the internet, do with their subscription have access to that archive.

    Click on the conference link above, then sign in with your user name and password that you used for your registration, and then click on archive. See if you get connected to the talks.