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Earth approval of Corporations

Hello TED group! I'm an Entertainment designer but I had this idea not sure if it exist already. The idea is a site or app, that rates a companies impact on society, positive or negative (sort of like yelp). so people can decide weather they want to purchase or do business with them based on they're over all impact on the human experience. things it might take into consideration "pollution-Customer complaints- best solution for none payment or low income families-hidden fees-best treatment of employees-are they honest with everyone they deal with- is there a high greed factor with this company (do they choose profit over human health)-do they pay taxes- are there employees payed a decent wage- do they do business with 'BAD' Companies" this type of site might help keep corporations in check. no one is keeping tabs on these people but the human population would do a great job if they had the information at their finger tips. it might force corporation to behave themselves if they know we're watching and if they slip up it will impact they're bottom line.

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Paul Fuentes

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    May 8 2013: all those things might be a problem Juan, but there would be alot of great information too.

    lets say they have a low "ECO-FRIENDLY" rating because of pollution and because of this they made the move to contribute a lot to poor countries to help they're economies grow ( maybe provide housing, jobs, or free medical aid). they're rating would be higher and this rating would continue as long as they continued they're effort.

    I wouldn't say this is a "whistle blower" Idea, its sort of a hey! if you have a low rating in a certain area counter it with something positive so your not just taking. Rather than having these companies spending all this money on advertising to change they're image they can spend it to change they're IMPACT.

    All they're good efforts would get publicity, they would save money on advertising because they were doing so many good things for the earth. We could find a way to make it work for everyone involved.

    I would love to hear more comments this is fun.
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    May 8 2013: Sounds like a great idea. But I see a potential problem. Corporations like Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron Oil, and the rest guard their corporate images carefully. If your idea gained some footing, there would be a response. Maybe your site would be flooded with positive comments by employees and family members. Those positive comments would most likely be insincere. But people want to keep their jobs. They really do. Not only that, but corporations want to avoid bad publicity that might cost them money. Look at BP. Their oil spill fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico cost them about a billion dollars. But their media blitz has been quite successful. They talk about what good citizens all the good people at BP are; and all about how much they love the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. They encourage tourism for heaven's sake!

    I believe there really is a need for an Angie's List that reveals the truth about major corporations. But the same corporate machinery that seems to control both the U.S. Republican and U.S. Democratic parties, that machinery also seems to have a similar ability to control what happens on the internet. If Google started a Blog for people who wanted to complain, how would it go? A blog for whistle-blowers with negative info about Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, General Electric, or any of the rest; would not last long. If Google tried to do what you suggest, Google would get sued out of existence. And Google is a billion dollar company all by itself.
  • May 7 2013: Hello Paul, its a great idea to incorporate all the important aspects of a corporation an initiate a rating system.I'm not sure if such a system exists, but this is my suggestion.
    I guess you could divide them into categories, example: Eco-friendliness, Customer Satisfaction (reviews), Employer Satisfaction (reviews), Annual Turnover etc.
    As far I know, LEED ratings are used for companies and Energy Star ratings for electrical appliances. Both for the eco-friendliness aspect. The rest of the ratings will have to peer based, therefore a site and a subsequent app will be the best idea.
    For example a food processing plant: Their factories and offices, are they LEED certified (Silver, Gold or Platinum)? This will cover water and energy savings, waste management and air quality inside the plant. Since this a commercial product ISO standards will be required too (another plus). Same applied for the administration building, with additional, employee comfort (lighting, air-conditioning, etc.), working hours, accessibility to public transport and so on. For extra "points" the firm could use a fleet of hybrid vehicles or provide employee with hybrids. All this could go into the company's profile. The rest is upto the client, on review based rating.
    The challenge would to verify all these, especially taxes and hidden profits and so on. In my opinion it would better for a non-profit organization to collaborate with all these other evaluators and come up with a whole new rating scheme.