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What kind of movies do you like to watch?

I'm a film artist and this Thursday night I'll be doing a talk at "Nerd Nite Orlando" called "Horror Porn Romcoms: The Absurdity of Film Genres" and I would love to do a quick little survey about what kind of movies people enjoy the most and what about a film excites you enough to get you to actually go to the theater or if you are even excited at all.... Get creative, share your love for movies, and maybe even post a genre that you've created- as we all know there are many different ways to categorize the films we love.

Thank you in advance to all those who leave comments, they are very much appreciated and I may even reference some of them in my talk this Thursday night.


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    May 8 2013: I like watching movies that have something to say,that have a message. Unfortunately,I believe television and media don't promote values anymore and the main subjects promoted are denigrating frivolous.Good movies are so rare and if you want to watch them you either have to download them or borrow them. This is a rather sad truth and I strongly believe that something must be done to correct the wrongs society has created. I also think that in order to change society we first have to change ourselves and try to implement a change in the ones around us.
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      May 8 2013: This is a very interesting answer. Thank you, Miclaus.

      May I ask you a more specific question in relation to your answer, do you think the purpose of media and television is to promote values?

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