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What kind of movies do you like to watch?

I'm a film artist and this Thursday night I'll be doing a talk at "Nerd Nite Orlando" called "Horror Porn Romcoms: The Absurdity of Film Genres" and I would love to do a quick little survey about what kind of movies people enjoy the most and what about a film excites you enough to get you to actually go to the theater or if you are even excited at all.... Get creative, share your love for movies, and maybe even post a genre that you've created- as we all know there are many different ways to categorize the films we love.

Thank you in advance to all those who leave comments, they are very much appreciated and I may even reference some of them in my talk this Thursday night.


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    May 7 2013: Good question. I love the art form that is film and in general I am not picky on what I like so I guess I should probably start with what I don't like.
    I dislike movies where there is a overly irritating main character. For me this is most chick flicks as inmost of these movies I find the main character unrealistic and normally a little degrading to women, which I only like if it is also funny. Poor acting is also extremely clear in a film and will quickly pull it down, however I am a fan of horror where there is allot of this so if there is enough happening where I don't really need to connect to the character the acting does not matter much. Then I would say mad writing badly or bad timing from the director can be big problems in movies. If the movie doesn't flow well it can really put of the audiences concentration. Same if too much is happening in the film to the point where the audience can't take it in. I like a complex film but the bits in movies that give me shivers are the small little gestures and glances between characters or when the director takes a moment to just show some of the setting around the character, there is allot of that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and I think that is what made that such a special film. The last film that can move a film from ok to down right terrible is if it takes itself to seriously. I hate the Twilight Saga but found Eclipse ok as it really seem to be poking fun at it's self at points so having some humour at the movie's expense can make it seem more humble.
    I love it when a movie is so good even the music or just a clip from the trailer can make me shiver. As I said this is normally though small moments where it is clear allot of time has been taken but can also be though big epic moments where I feel my seat shake from the excitement. I also love when creators do something new with an idea. This is why I love independent film. Overall if it can catch my imagination I love it.

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