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How do you start your creative spark? How to be creative with others?

Hello I have a few questions for you all today. To start with what creative things do you enjoy doing? How often do you suffer from a block on your creative ideas? How do you get rid of your creative block? and how do you find others to be creative with and what do you do with them?

I'm asking these questions as like many people who are bored on line I am craving to do something creative and I figured the answers to these questions would perhaps help me and some other people who are struggling to get started on a new project.


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  • May 11 2013: A creative block may be due to not connecting with other people, regardless of who they are. I believe a good conversation with someone always inspires you or at least eases out your thought block. Sharing ideas or views is a great way to refresh one's mind and welcome new ideas. It's like a proper sit down conversation with a best friend or family member, it never ends where it started, but at the end of it you feel better, in a way you cannot explain. It's your mind taking a break. Sometimes, temporarily straying away from your goals can push you harder towards it.
    When it comes to inspiring others, teaching or guiding can be huge plus. Rather than a monotonous explanation a challenge of sorts winds up the mind, only to unspool when the spark occurs. And working as a group (no leaders, just interconnected duties) helps people achieve a more creative thought process. As a group you not only have to set your own goals, you have to take others into consideration and work in harmony for the greater good.
    As an engineer myself, I have to constantly innovate and be updated with current technology and standards, be it work or individual research, there's always a point in the day where you'll want to throw in the towel. While I try to motivate myself, a trusty team and manager helps alot. While creating a spark is one, how can you sustain it? How do you decide that this chosen path is the ideal one?

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