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In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues right now, either local or global?

The world is diverse and is changing fast.
In your opinion - what are the most important issues to be dealt with right now? Is it national debt, war, child labour, healthcare? Which issues matter most to you in your local community and which do you think should be discussed first on a global scale?
All comments are welcome.


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    May 17 2013: First of all every 'issue' is 'most' pressing issue; be it violence, inability to understand feature of power, inability to understand in general, 'dirty' politics etc. It doesn't matter local or global. It doesn't matter because the 'ultimate solution' covers both.
    Secondly, partially the solution lies in understanding and giving importance to 'individual' and not that to 'collectiveness'.
    Suppose an individual wants and feel the need to do something about these 'issues'. He will need the 'ultimate tool' to deliver. Its very good and overwhelming that people all around the globe are now inspired and motivated to bring the so called 'change' which might serve as a cure to any of these issues be it local or global. But its of no use at all ...let me repeat that...no use at all, if the 'ultimate tool' is not discovered!
    So, in my opinion the most pressing issue right now is that of knowing what this 'ultimate tool' would be!
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      May 18 2013: Are you refering to the so-called Great Unified Theory?
      Best wishes,
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        May 18 2013: i don't know what you mean by 'great unified theory'...
        people will keep on asking questions, keep on 'believing', will keep on fearing etc...unless one discovers the truth, which is the 'ultimate tool'. It is not collective but is indeed individual.
        The world is asleep! so many people post their views are too asleep...people do all sorts of things while they are asleep. In short... the 'ultimate solution' lies in waking up these people !
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          May 18 2013: Thanks, Samuel :)

          I am awake, I think, I'm not sure, and I feel that the great unified theory is at hand.
          Love-thee good and big thing- is the answer (either in eugenics, economy, para/uni/trans/eu/etc-interdisciplinary knowledge and wisdom, sociolinguistics, microbiology, astrophysics, you name it)

          Best wishes :)
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        May 18 2013: i can see that you're trying hard...but yes indeed you are too asleep!
        I can see that you 'wish' a lot...its simply reaction and not 'response'...as it is repetition,out of past and not that of present.
        But keeping your original question in mind...most pressing issue would be the problem related to understand the features of power in our society by individuals...(more inclined towards politics)...
        So if one is not awake then its going to be repetition and 1000 more anna will log in to ted to address the 'then' issues....

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