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In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues right now, either local or global?

The world is diverse and is changing fast.
In your opinion - what are the most important issues to be dealt with right now? Is it national debt, war, child labour, healthcare? Which issues matter most to you in your local community and which do you think should be discussed first on a global scale?
All comments are welcome.


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  • May 12 2013: There are too many people in the world living a life which is based on taking and not giving, a selfish life which cares only about oneself and all the world becomes the other. It is this alienation which creates the problems, this separate self which is afraid, which hates, which lives a life of habit.
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      May 13 2013: Thanks.
      I see your point. The desperate housewives and their self, the clinging to power, sentiments and fears.
      On the other hand, alienation is sometimes necessary to maintain sanity and there are different levels of it. Some groups or societies are alienated because of their own will, some do not have a choice but to live a life of habit.
      It was an interesting comment and a summary, I'm just trying to point out the fact that the diversity of the world and people living in it.

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