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In your opinion, what are the most pressing issues right now, either local or global?

The world is diverse and is changing fast.
In your opinion - what are the most important issues to be dealt with right now? Is it national debt, war, child labour, healthcare? Which issues matter most to you in your local community and which do you think should be discussed first on a global scale?
All comments are welcome.


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  • May 7 2013: Money.
    Poverty is the reasoning for most broken homes, murders, stealing, cheating, health issues, lack of food quality and quantity, money and its domination of all civilizations prevents everyone on this planet from reaching their full potential, it is also making the gap from adolescence to adulthood longer.
    And all of these conspiracy theories coming to light about different things, lying has become to common among people who are supposed to be demonstrating integrity, honesty, and loyalty at all times.
    We need a worldwide change, so our entire way of doing things can change for the better, it starts with getting rid of big governments, lobbyists and the elites influence on the governments and then the eradication of all monetary systems. We will never grow with the two of these things.
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      May 7 2013: Money or lack of money or fear of lacking money.

      "eradication of all monetary systems"
      It's interesing that you should formulate this in this way, there's a new issue on news' stands in Nordic countires - making begging in the streets illegal which is some cases literally means - making homelessness illegal. You can meet beggars (to simplify the issue) with notes - "Help me not to become a criminal", sometimes a beggar with an expensive phone, texting, with a paper cup beside, or influx of beggars from around the globe. The latter get magazines to give away and toilets to use (that horses used by some police forces should be trained to use too, but that's a different issue,,,). Ex drug-addicts get magazines that they can sell in the streets... And cash that can be traded for either magazines or a good mood ("I helped somebody") is not used that often. From what I observe - it's used to hide one's actions, not to trade goods. Would making the flow of assets digital get rid of some of the issues we're facing today? Maybe, to a certain extent. Just an audacious idea, not well deliberated/thought-through.
      • May 8 2013: Digital money is an awesome idea in terms of tracking money trails and the environment, save the trees sort of way.
        But it doesn't stop the room for greed and corruption, it's not just issues of the economy and work, bills, taxes, debt that we're trying to solve. We also need to save the integrity of mankind, because greed can lead to death of our species... it's slowly leading to our extinction now. That is why I feel that ALL monetary systems need to be eradicated. We need to prevent greed, condition people to do and work for themselves and not other people. Teach people self responsibility, and giving to others without the mindset that something needs to be received. We need to learn moderation. The monetary systems prevent so much good from occurring in mankind, it has inhibited us from reaching our full potential. Which is why I do not understand why people still feel the need to hold onto this old way of life, as we evolve so should our way of doing things.
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          May 8 2013: Hmm. Ok. By the way - all of the situations I've described above are real though in some monetary systems, or for people living in monetary systems out of sentiment or disbelief, they might be too had to believe.
      • May 8 2013: this is true... But if minds can be manipulated , and people are skilled in doing the manipulation, why can't we all be conditioned to accepting a new reality? Our transitions we have made throughout the years have all been possible by us accepting new realities.

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