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Could we really bear to forgive?

Concerned about how many mistakes we have made. Some of them might had an great impact or influence in somebody's life , yet we might had been influenced by our mistakes. How the situations are after one had made a great mistake such as betrayal? Do we have the power of forgiveness? The real forgiveness , that forgiveness which you are really able to forgive and forget...to continue in that same life situation with the same feelings for that person as there were before..
On the other hand when we do make mistakes, do we really bear to look other eye by eye? ...to look him in that way that we would be able to continue our lives with him as there were before...
In both occasions..do we just pretend to?
Honestly..what forgiveness is..I
Is it a feeling that we can handle of it ? or Is it a power of an upper God?


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    May 9 2013: Regarding could we really bear to forgive?

    I appreciate a neurological model of forgiveness.

    Could you please telling me what is your thoughts regarding the neurological model of forgiveness? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16002228

    In Joy
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      May 9 2013: Hello Lamb Lamb:>)
      This makes perfect sense to me. I believe emotional pain, hurt, anger, frustration, etc. stems from fear, as the article seems to suggest. When we hold onto fear, it makes sense that it would impact our neurological functions because everything is interconnected. When we forgive, we give a gift to ourselves. I don't think forgiveness has much to do with the person we forgive....it is for our own peace of mind....literally! Perhaps we are actually forgiving ourselves for blaming and judging?

      Another thing we can do is not blame or judge, and then we do not have anything to forgive:>)
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        May 10 2013: Hi lamb lamb and Colleen, this make sense to me too. We forgive for our mental and biological balance. For our internal piece.

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