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Is college really as important as our society today has made it out to be?

I'm a freshman in high school. My guidance counselors and teachers basically say tell me if I don't go to college my life will be miserable. I want to live a simple life. I have figured it out. I know that may seem weird, but that is what I want. I want to live in a small apartment with not much in it and just enjoy the small things in life. Is college actually necessary to succeed at all in life?


Closing Statement from Colin Petre

Thanks alot for all the replies. It really helped me. I'm probably just going to figure everything out my junior year when it's time to make it.

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    Jun 1 2013: Even though many people question whether to attend college or just try to find a good paying job, most studies indicate it still does pay off to obtain a degree. A degree may cost a lot, but it gives you access to higher-paying jobs when you graduate. A college degree ensures you’re competitive against others at your experience level.

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