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Is college really as important as our society today has made it out to be?

I'm a freshman in high school. My guidance counselors and teachers basically say tell me if I don't go to college my life will be miserable. I want to live a simple life. I have figured it out. I know that may seem weird, but that is what I want. I want to live in a small apartment with not much in it and just enjoy the small things in life. Is college actually necessary to succeed at all in life?


Closing Statement from Colin Petre

Thanks alot for all the replies. It really helped me. I'm probably just going to figure everything out my junior year when it's time to make it.

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  • May 30 2013: College education (and any other formal education) is more than the lectures and the lessons that we need to study. It is also interaction and building relationships. It is learning as much as we can from our experience during that process of education. So yes, it is quite important. I believe that it is, not because it's the key to success, but because the education, for one thing, will mold our character. The education will also give us perspective or challenge our beliefs, and this is important because the set of values and beliefs that we have account for the decisions we make as individuals.

    It's also worth noting that success varies from person to person. My definition of success might not be the same as yours. And perhaps college does help us become successful in the career paths that we choose, but I don't think that college exists solely for that purpose because a huge percentage of what we learn in college will not be used when we will actually be working for a living.

    I'm having the pleasure to be in college and with that, be in a learning community. The education is enriching my life and expanding my horizons, and exposing me to different kinds of experiences. I believe that the education is very much worth it.

    "The gift and challenge of your education is to see others as they see themselves, to grapple with this mean and crazy and beautiful world in all its baffling complexity." - John Green

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