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Is it worth it to engage in discussions you are uniformed about?

Sometimes I feel like I can't talk about a subject because I can't do it justice. I'm not adequately informed, and I'm following my gut instincts. In an ideal society, should we encourage everyone to engage in a discussion or let the experts decide?


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    May 7 2013: The question is, who is an expert? Some of Sigmund Freud's views are being disputed with new information.
    Aristotle was a lead player in his time. His view that crystal spheres held up the stars and planets was viewed as the truth for nearly two millennia.

    Gut instinct is what allowed Einstein to see the world from a new perspective. People need to question things.

    It's not wrong to state your opinion so long as you say why you feel that way. It may be that your gut instinct is right. To not share it would be a loss to those who didn't get to hear it.

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