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Prison labor to sort our trash!

Trash can be recycled but the problem is that it's not neatly sorted. It would be labor intensive and rather nasty to have to sort our trash. Everybody wants to do something positive for our environment but doesn't necessarily want to lift a finger. So why not prison labor?


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    May 8 2013: Why not?

    it would be a fine thing to provide the inmates with access to unknown quantities of any number of possible resource

    . The lives and safety of the inmates and the guards not being of any concern to us,

    and there being no moral ambiguity about prison labor and slave labor.

    Perhaps people could work off taxes instead? or we could down grade crimes like drug offenses to something requiring only community service,

    of course why stop there?

    lets put the people on welfare to work in the dumpsters,

    and the mentally ill

    and the school children as well as the elderly

    they are all portions of society that are dependent on support by the society as a whole

    , at the very least lets have the mentally handicapped

    and the chronic debtors doing it.

    Maybe this idea would accomplish the same thing but in a better more free market system: sell claims in old land fills and create the industry to reclaim the materials recovered without further harm to the environment. Federal processing plants to shred the plastic and heavy metals from each other while preventing poisonous contamination. Good steady federal jobs in the plants recycled materials available to the private industry, and grassroots environmental cleaning. You can't beat self interest as motivation for people to do something.

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