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Prison labor to sort our trash!

Trash can be recycled but the problem is that it's not neatly sorted. It would be labor intensive and rather nasty to have to sort our trash. Everybody wants to do something positive for our environment but doesn't necessarily want to lift a finger. So why not prison labor?


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    May 7 2013: Hi Brian,
    I was a little surprised to read your comment, which states that it is a problem to neatly sort recycled materials. I live in a rural community in a very rural state, and our recycling center has equipment that easily seperates various recycled materials. We simply put everything in a recycle bin all mixed together, and it is seperated on conveyer belts, with equipment made for that purpose. It is not that labor intensive at all. For this reason, it feels like we would be taking steps backwards to ask anyone to seperate recycled materials. I realize that perhaps all localities may not have this equipment, but I think it is pretty common now in most places.

    This is just one supplier of many:

    If we are going to encourage offenders who are incarcerated to be more active in pursuing tasks, I would prefer to see them learning skills that would help them make a living (other than crime) when they are released.
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        May 7 2013: I doubt that there is a uniform disposal/collection method in Australia. Only South Australia levies deposit on bottles. Even Brisbane had two different collection methods for "recyclables".
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      May 7 2013: Have you ever visited such a sorting plant? Have you ever exposed yourself to the stench. It only sounds good. One bin for all. Glass once mixed with ceramics becomes useless. Even glass is not just glass. Flat glass should not be mixed with glass containers. The recycling industry is a smokescreen that should make people feel good. The idea of using "cheap" prison labour to perform the task of sorting is indeed a primitive one.
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        May 7 2013: No, I haven't visited such a sorting plant Michael....I only talked with people who had visited one.

        We used to sort our own recycleables before they were picked up, then they changed the rules to say that we could simply throw everything in the bin together. I was skeptical about this.....thinking that the trash collectors were probably throwing EVERTHING in the trash. So I did a little research, but didn't actually visit the site.

        I like your idea BEST Michael....generate less trash! And personally, I do that:>)
    • May 7 2013: Colleen, I was not aware that trash sorting had gone automated. Thank you for the insight.

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