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Prison labor to sort our trash!

Trash can be recycled but the problem is that it's not neatly sorted. It would be labor intensive and rather nasty to have to sort our trash. Everybody wants to do something positive for our environment but doesn't necessarily want to lift a finger. So why not prison labor?


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  • May 6 2013: Seems to me your idea would be pretty good for both sides. Trash sort trash :)

    For any criminal or anyone being 'punished' it would be best to have something to do, to be useful in some way.
    I think the best lesson for anyone is to be given the experience of being appreciated for what they do.

    Especially since now the prison environment might be a better and more comfortable situation than the person's home environment. Cheaper too, so that is not the way to learn.
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      May 7 2013: Cheaper for whom? It costs the tax payer $60,000 - $80,000 per person, per year to keep someone incarcerated.
      • May 7 2013: The more reason to get them to do something
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          May 7 2013: Oh, I wholeheartedly support them doing something Adriaan. I do not put them in the same catagory as you do.....as you say....."Trash sort trash :)"

          I do not perceive those incarcerated as "trash". I perceive them as human beings who need some guidence, and I believe if they learn skills that are useful to them on the outside, some of them may change their ways.
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        May 7 2013: Unfortunately prisons are run by white-collar bandits who are worse than many inmates.
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          May 7 2013: That is so true Michael! I volunteered with the dept. of corrections for 6 years, co-facilitating "cognitive self change" sessions and other programs in the facilities and with P&P. I had more difficulty with administrators than with the incarcerated guys.

          Unfortunately, with the privatization of many facilities, I believe the challenge with creating and administering effective rehab programs is becoming worse. A big money making business has no motivation to decrease the population they serve.

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