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If Orion can reach speeds of .12c, what protects it from any collisions it encounters enroute to its extrasolar destination ?

Practical and available now solutions, not theoretical from the "near future" . I'm assuming Orion has an interstellar, robotic, no slowing down, one way function ,to a near/by/est star system. Speed is everything.Sufficiently fast to get there within a human lifetime. Not interested in travel round our own star system as even 9 years to Pluto via New horizons is bearable quick. Unless speed can be significantly further enhanced via intra solar system planetary gravitational sling shot effect ( requiring further anti collision effect presumably)

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    May 6 2013: Orion was never intended to leave the solar system. It also had a design velocity of .003c, not .12c. Collision avoidance involving unanticipated objects is a crap shoot at any velocity.
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    May 6 2013: Space. It's not called Space because it's full of stuff.
  • May 6 2013: Interesting, but stuff happens i like Peter's comment.