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Should we begin teaching children letter sounds first with lowercase letters instead of letter names with uppercase letters?

What do you see more of when you open a book, capital letters or lowercase letters?

What is more important for reading, letter sounds or letter names?

Shouldn't we teach children the more germane information pertaining to the letter first, its sound, as Montessori schools do? Aa is for apple and it says /a/ is too much information for a child to take in, process and then apply to a complex language code. Why don't we start with lowercase letters and sounds, saving letter names for once a child can read a three-letter consonant-vowel-consonant word?


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  • May 11 2013: Hi Dear Della Palacions,thank you very much for the email and the information for helping my daughter's english learning:).A bit pity we can't access youtube.com website in china.I do appreciate a lot you and Mary M. sharing those english learning materails with me and help my daughter a lot to motivate her interest in learning:).

    My daughter can have free time to open phonics games and fallstar.com website to play while learning english there.Last night she followed the first grade reading to read folks tale"Mr.Bunny's carrot soup".I asked her:do you like Mr.Bunny?She said:Yes.I asked her why?She said:Because Mr.Bunny likes to share his carrots with others .

    I do always appreciate a lot those reading materials can cultivate children's kindness,love...all those virtues around our world.
    I hope UN can support fallstar.com website to open all english learning materials for all over the world children to learn english well.Thank you.

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