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Travel around the world for FREE!

Probably is not such a new idea, but I still consider it worth spreading.

As you can see from the title the idea is about how to travel the world for free, no schemes involved :)

I am doing that since the 16th of March 2013 and it works.
Basically I am hitchhiking from one place to another, and to get food and a place to sleep I am trading my work. Usually I find hosts on a website(www.helpx.net) , but there are other websites as well, who could have a farm, hotel, hostel, or just a regular home and need help. The work varies from farming to cooking, or from taking care of the house to teaching another language. The working hours are flexible and around 4-5 hours/day, which leaves you with enough time to visit places and meeting other people and to discover the place's beauty. Also you get days off for field trips or whatever you want to do.
When I want to visit another city or a place for a few days I am using couchsurfing to get accommodation. Again, it's free :)

The only money I spend are on drinks or other stuff that I want to buy.

So, basically if you want, you can travel for FREE!

I want to spread this idea because a lot of people think that traveling is very expensive and they don't even imagine that it could be done for free.


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  • May 6 2013: thank you for sharing this idea. like you I have used couch surfing and loved the experience. people are giving, kind and willing to help when needed. I will certainly look up the site you mentioned, which is timely because I am planning a trip to turkey.
    spread the word.... I am with you in letting everyone know the opportunities exist for everyone.
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      May 6 2013: Thanks, Janice, for the kind words!
      I can tell you more websites with opportunities for volunteering, if you want. I mentioned only one because this one I'll use the most. (the other ones are also very reliable and ok)
      Yes, people are very kind and giving in general. I consider that through traveling you have the opportunity to discover the kindness in people and the wonders of this magnificent world.
      I really hope to spread the word and to see everyone who enjoys traveling, traveling.
      It's sad how a lot of people live with this false impression that traveling is only for the ones who have lots and lots of money...
      Have a great trip and maybe we'll meet somewhere in this huge, yet small, world!
      All the best!

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