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It's OK for women to not want to have kids. It's OK for women to not want to get married.

Sheryl Sandberg mentions something that happens when I woman starts thinking about having a child, and proposes an alternative mentality the woman can adopt in this situation "Don't leave before you leave"

But what about the women that don't want kids, or don't want to think about having kids?

Is there another similar phenomenon pressuring women to drop out or "lean back"? That is, women who don't want kids, don't have plans to have kids now, who don't have plans to get married, or even women who don't presently want a long-term relationship- do these women face social pressure to make these life changes, and do those who don't or do not actively express plans to do so, feel some discrimination?

And if this discrimination exists: are we going to change it? Should we change it? how can it change?

  • May 6 2013: Some people aren't ready to be parents. This is true. Parenting is a huge, important responsibility, and I agree with Barry Palmer that education about parenting is necessary. Parents have more influence on the world than anybody else, because it's their kids that will be running things pretty soon. Good families, good society. I personally think everybody should get married and have kids, but only when they're ready. I think if everybody got to that point where they could be good parents and good spouses, our world would be a much better place. Everybody can change to get there, but it's up to them completely. I'm not going to force anyone to do something they're not ready for.
  • May 6 2013: Personally, I try to avoid saying things that imply that people should have children.

    Some people should not have children because they do not have the qualities needed to be good parents. (Three of those qualities are desire, the ability to put others first, and complete commitment.) It is very sad to see such people trying to be good parents. The situation is bad for everyone involved.

    The social pressure to have kids is very natural, and takes individual effort to avoid.

    Education about parenting would help everyone to realize that it is not for everyone.