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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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    May 18 2013: Hi, Lizzanne :)

    I hope you remember me, we discussed about singing talent show in another conversation topic. That one has expired. So I hope you don't mine I'll share the link I promised I'd find for you. I can't find the video though. But here's the link to the article which Elton John gave an interview:

    Hope this will be useful for your research in one way or another. Good luck :)))))
    • May 18 2013: Of course I remember you, Kelwalin!
      Thanks so much for taking the effort to find that interview! Really, anything is helpful at this point, the 'gathering' stage! :)
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        May 18 2013: My pleasure! That what friends are for! :)

        I'm looking forward to hear more about your interesting research. Best wishes xxx
        • May 20 2013: Wow, this is really spot-on, Kelwalin!
          I couldn't agree more with his perspective - the 'products' of these shows are left to their own devices, which couldn't be more damaging for their careers, let alone themselves as people!
          Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of examples, even within my own circle of friends and colleagues, of labels/managers literally dumping artists when they don't make a profit, all the while stringing them along, promising fame and fortune, dangling that carrot in front of them, then letting them fall down a hole in the ground. Some labels sign independent artists, just so they don't get signed by anyone else, with never any intention of investing any money in them or their careers.

          Coming back to this idea, it's about going back to basics. The more pure our relationship is with music, the more we can get out of it.

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