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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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  • May 16 2013: personally i couldn't stand it, i need peace to think.
    • May 16 2013: A valid argument and totally understandable, Ben,
      Debussy himself said, "Music is the space between the notes".
      • May 17 2013: thank you i'm glad someone does. usually people don't appreciate being asked to stop their music so others can have peace. personally never found it difficult to wear wireless headphones, just a common courtesy i always thought.
        • May 17 2013: There is nothing worse than invading someone else's personal space, regardless of how. I find music thrust upon me a form of sound pollution, much like in Tify's comment above. It IS in our faces, which can be annoying and even damaging.

          I'm the type of person who will get in the car and drive to wherever they are playing music at an absurd volume, to ask them to turn it down. This has nothing to do with love for music, but with respect for each other.

          You clearly feel that music is something personal, which it is to me too. Extremely, in fact. It took me years before I felt I could sing or make music for anyone but myself. The beauty of music is that it is so personal.
      • May 17 2013: well you have a lot of respect from me for that! a lot of people have difficulty comprehending that concept, of denying another person's freedom by exercising their own.

        i'm not sure about personal music. i'm not very knowledgeable at all about music, but it does seem to be to be both very personal and completely impersonal at the same time. it's written and played to a general audience, and is personal only to the writer, yet that then leaves people to make of it what they will, which is very individual and personal. when people say things like "wow this song really speaks to me", it really doesn't, but the listener can find some sense of themselves in a song written by someone who has never known them.
        • May 18 2013: You have a good point, Ben.

          To illustrate this, I would argue there are two types of music in general:
          1. music as a product
          2. music as a form of expression

          For the 1st, the end product is more important than the process.

          When i comes to the 2nd, the process is what counts, not the product.

          Naturally, some kinds of music are both these things, and more. But I agree, I think there is music that is specifically designed to sell, and you can indeed question how much personality/expression/emotion/blood-sweat-and-tears goes into it on the part of the artist.
      • May 18 2013: oh i wouldn't even regard #1 as music!

        i mean there is a personal connection between an artist and their music, and the audience and the music, but none between artist and audience.
        • May 18 2013: As much as that type of music doesn't appeal to me either, I could never not consider it 'music'. But, consider our musical history - folks used to think certain classical composers were nuts, similar to how rock 'n' roll was perceived by the older generation in the 50's.
          Most composers back then were commissioned to make music, some of the most well-known and admired classical pieces were 'products'...

          That is what makes music so personal - sometimes, you love it or you hate it. But it's all music, whether you want it to be, or not!
      • May 18 2013: that's a good point i'd forgotten about commissioned pieces. still at least it was meant to be heard rather than consumed, and it was written rather than generated.

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