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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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    May 14 2013: This is cool Liz!

    My mom sang to my brother and I when we were growing up. We don't sing as much anymore. :-( But now that I think about it, it seems like people decide at a certain age that singing becomes "unacceptable" and that's kind of strange and unfortunate.

    I was in choir for seven years in junior and senior high school. It was a really great experience, some of my favorite memories. I honestly believe I learned a lot more than just how to read sheet music and sing my part for a song correctly. I learned a lot about teamwork, communication, especially how to give and take constructive criticism which benefited me throughout college when I was studying industrial design, which constructive criticism plays an important role.

    And that part about the music industry, that's messed up and so true.

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