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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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    May 14 2013: great idea Liz and you are genuinely walking the talk. In my obsession with music I lived in a warehouse for 5 years in order to pursue rock guitar and drums...which led to philosophy,which led to self awareness and forward ongoing hopeful enlightenment. Now that i live in the doiwntown core I play african drums( and a bit of ukelae not well)..I have music available in everyroom all day,most days,,I am 52 and still awakw to music during meditation and or yoga,for fixing dinner,showering and numerous other activities. I am unsure as to why music which is most loved by teens becomes discarded as a youthful passion...So I support your vision for a better world through music and live everyday with it.....however singing is not my strongest thing...so I hum chakra ohms over music and it balances me in that way....I am able to make up songs ,but live alone and my friends cat seems to not enjoy my uke or voice..but somehow enjoys drumming..which we sit together to do...thanks for being someone I can look up to
    • May 14 2013: Carolyn, thank you so much for sharing this!
      I think it is a wonderful way to show others, that integrating music can be as simple as this - just doing it. Humming, whistling, playing a ditty, singing and playing, no matter what anyone thinks (especially the neighbor's cat!!) ;-)

      Like I said, this idea is nothing new. You've been doing it a lot longer than I have, so if anyone should be looked up to, it's you!

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