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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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    May 5 2013: Lizanne, this is an amazing idea! I fully agree with you and I consider it's time to be kids again, to be as creative and indifferent to others opinion as they are.
    I always considered the kids state of mind the best one. It's sad when we discover ourselves grown up and with no joy and creativity in us...
    Unfortunately that's what society does to us. We trying to impress others and to fit in the projections of others, rather than our true identity.
    Thanks again for sharing this idea!
    • May 6 2013: Thank you, Bogdan! I agree, "It's sad when we discover ourselves grown up and with no joy and creativity in us..." We forget how to feel good about even the smallest of achievements when we get older - I truly believe if we can teach children how to use musical tools they already have, they will posses tools that will aid them for the rest of their lives.
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        May 6 2013: Yes, Lizanee, you are right and I agree with what you've said.
        It is very important to expose children to music from a very young age. Also by doing that we will aid ourselves too. By teaching them how to feel good about all the achievement in their lives, even the smallest ones, we also learn to do that and eventually will start doing it with our lives. Often people think that teaching is a one way process, when in reality is a double way thing. The teacher passes it's knowledge to the student, but he is also learning from the questions asked by the learner and from the feedback.
        • May 6 2013: Absolutely!!! That is exactly how I perceive it.
          Education is a two-way street, if the educator is willing to see it that way! I am as excited about learning something new from my students, then I am about teaching them something new! Thank you for this!
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      May 6 2013: Hello Bogdan,
      You are reletively new to TED conversations? Welcome:>)

      I agree that a kids state of mind is the best....open, honest, trusting, joyful, creative, curious and unconditionally loving. We do not have to "discover ourselves grown up", unless we accept that script,

      Society does not do that to us....we do it to ourselves, by living our lives based on the expectations of others.....as you insightfully say...by trying to "fit in the projections of others, rather than our true identity". I really believe this concept is changing, because more people like you are following their heart....living and loving the life adventure with curiosity and exploring all there is to explore.

      It appears that sometimes we (humans) are remembering again what this life is truely about. In my humble perception, it is to learn, grow and evolve, which cannot happen when we are living in a box, which others have created for us. Perhaps it is time to remember:>)
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        May 6 2013: Hello Colleen!

        Yes, I have joined TED conversations only 2 days ago. I hope that my idea(http://www.ted.com/conversations/18169/travel_around_the_world_for_fr.html) is worth spreading. Also I joined it because I like to learn new things and I like to debate various subjects.

        Regarding your reply: Unfortunately I consider that too many people live to the society's expectation, rather to theirs. On the other side, I happily discovered that a great amount of people are not trying to fit in and they are doing what their heart and inner feelings tell them to do.

        Definitely it is time to remember, and also to look inside of us. In my humble opinion I consider that we(humans) should be anarchists. I know it sounds drastic but through "anarchists" I refer to not fitting into society's trends and labels. To live as your heart dictates and how your instinct tells you, not the TV, magazines, etc.
        • May 7 2013: I think I understand what you mean, Bogdan, that we should all become 'anarchists'.
          More of us should go against the grain and pave our own path to follow, without falling into the trap of individualism, but taking into consideration each other and respecting all.
          The majority of society tends to blindly follow what society dictates, our 'survival mechanism' has evolved from finding food to having the latest iPhone, or I'll DIE.

          Time to go back to where it all starts and teach children how to explore themselves, so they can pave their own paths to their own idea of success in their own tempo and on their own terms, wherever they may lead.
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          May 8 2013: Hello Bogdan and Lizanne:>)
          Yes....look inside of our "self" to find what we are seeking, and in my humble perception and experience, it is by following my heart, rather than the expectations of others, that I discover more information.

          I feel that it is very natural to seek answers inside our "self", rather than externally, and it seems natural to follow my heart with life explorations, while recognizing the interconnectedness of the whole.

          I agree Lizanne that the majority tend to blindly follow, and this happens sometimes because of a need to be appreciated, respected and accepted by the society. People sometimes think/feel that if they do what everyone else is doing they might be more appreciated, respected, accepted, when I observe the opposite to be true.

          Those of us who DO follow our heart/intuition are generally demonstrating something that more people would LOVE to do BECAUSE it is natural:>)

          Lizanne, you write..."singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world".

          I have had this experience while traveling in other cultures when the spirit moves me. Although I did not speak the language, I broke into song to express what I was feeling, and it seemed to be accepted and appreciated, sometimes encouraging others to sing as well. I certainly have no illusions about changing the world, and I also know that I contribute to change in many situations:>)
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          May 8 2013: Love all that's being shared on this thread alone. make my day, and its only just begun. WoW, this the second time, on this thread alone, at posting the link first as an awesome example of using songs, and hip hop in this case and then reading this thread. The cosmic winks, also known as synchronicityes are showering us with lightbulb MOMends, as I will purrceive your IDeals Lizanne, while eye consider a a shower of lightbulb MOMends, as fAIRy dust. . . . love being creative with words, so many treasures are hiding within and we've never thought to pick up on since. . this is the correct way. . .
          when you speak of Anarchy Bogdan, it has the same ring as speaking of Spirituality. Anarchy being political and spirituality the religious version of the same IDeal.
          the whole of creation is a happen and stem from within. . Love, that you speak both ENGlish and Dutch since the MISSing links are left in Dutch. Tip of the ice berg, or ratHer, the WhitE BUFFaLo calf, crack off land, make big Splash and rides out to sea in all her MaJestY, a rose in dawn's early light, lest a menAce in the fog and sharp enough to sink the Titanic, as it heads down to the Grand Banks of New FoundLand for a meltdown. So with stem speaking of both VOICE and VOTE in dutch, our spokes pick up on the rhythms and rites seeing nature at work and do all, with the greatest of ease. .
          Bogdan, love how your focus is on travel the world. . and with it, the peoples rivers of babble on continue to dyeVers'ifY with use , there are many overlaps as well as bring our UnIqueKIness out.
          Colleen, much as Ted and Chris has so aptly spoke of connecting and spreading the knowledge, what has near gone unnoticed is how the instant translations are becoming available to one and all. This to me is as grand a step in connecting the human communityes or the global village. we are, at the emBryONic state of stemcells connecting intoo bodyes of knowledge and insights of the where, who and how we are. aLOeVEra coming up.
        • May 8 2013: Colleen, thank you for sharing your experience with singing in a different culture than your own, and the positive effect that was a result of it! Music truly is universal, human, and natural. Especially singing, which anyone who has a voice is aware - it is the most vulnerable and personal form of musical expression. I feel, singing simply as to be appreciated when it is so pure and genuine.

          When I put this video together, I actually hesitated about saying anything about 'changing the world'. My initial instinct was, that is such an unfathomable concept. How can I suggest in any way that this is the path to a better world? Then, I realized, the path to a better world really does begin with individuals. The more, the better!

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