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Integrating music into our everyday lives.

My idea is all about making music and singing as a tool to set a positive cycle in motion that will encourage respect, communication and expression, which to me, are key ingredients to a society of individuals who can truly change the world.

No, this is not a new idea - but I think it's something we forgot how to do, and I want to help us remember.

I made a video to explain how we can reap the benefits of integrating music into our everyday lives called "Growing Back into Music", which you can watch here:

I'm so curious what you all think!


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    May 6 2013: Attending high school is stressful and I've been encountering emotions that I've never experienced before. Music in my everyday life is a way of coping with these factors. If I'm feeling down, playing piano or the guitar helps me focus and know that I have the potential to create something beautiful. If I'm feeling self conscious, singing has always helped. I'm aware that my voice is flat, but the voice in my head is always pleasing. Thank you for helping me realize the importance of music in my life. I will appreciate and cherish it.
    • May 6 2013: You don't need to thank me for anything, Michael - you obviously already have a firm grasp on this concept!
      Hats off to you!
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      May 7 2013: this is so the reason I perceive music is the medicine of choice, it works like a charm when words fail. how many make music because it calms them down. . I think it has saved the sanity of many. I think it better than any kind of talking therapyes. talking about it is like picking the scabs off wounds and constantly making them bleed again, instead of letting them heal. I took to playing a small organ while I was going through a very intense time. just hold a number till I found the next. . it always cleared my mind.
      I've also had more healings happen when touched, by another's singing. I've literally found mys self lifted off the floor, when the violinist walked by and I was standing with a large sand dollar donut to one ear and a 5 pointed Stone StarFish Castle to the other. . i could feel the sound vibrations meshing in my spine . as she saw me standing there let out a high riff, and the rush of energy up my spine, literally lifted me off my feet.
      its left me think that music is best played in 5 sided chambers. all a wee different in size.
      in speaking to another violinist, it added up to all you take in is synthesized into the music you make.
      it is also well to remember that babyes start making music soon as handed a rattle, and they motor through their development with the greatest delight
      hope you don't mind my sharing this here, flood gates open at all that comes to mind

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