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If we want to change our politics ...i thought some points ... 1. We are all knws if any person want to come in politics he must be a son of existing politician or wealthy man or very famous person .....but my assumption no 1. conduct a exam in Every constiuency ..An autonomous body conduct a exam in Every constiuency to participate as a m.l.a and m.p.. (2). Select top 10 peoples in that exam .. (3). Conduct a elections between them (4) people's elect one person from these 10 members ..(5) . Elected person wil become our M.L.A ..(6) remaining 9 membrs appointed as a m.l.c and other posts..........The most highly qualified I.A.S and I.P.S officers working ..but less qualified people were ruling ...To get govt job we have exams ..but to rule our govt there no exams right ?


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    May 9 2013: Every politician son wil became another politician ..how about the remaining people sir ..only politicians have the leadership qualities ?...mahathma gandhi ji was not a politician ...but he carry the whole people in india....now a days how many peoples want to come in politics ...nobody ...in our country even they dnt knw abt electricity but he is power minister .even they dnt knw abt economics but he is a finance minister..is it good for our country ? The dnt know how to get energy but they have money thats the qualification of every politician ..now i want to become a leader how many peoples wil vote for me ? Nobody want to try atleast ..because people will follow only name and fame and celebrities not to educated and visionful persons ..what i am saying ..if the exam will conduct between educated person that exam will not from mathematics, physics, chemistry ...exam consist economic , social , leader ship values at the same time wil checking their knowledge in core subjects ..

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