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Make Ecocide a crime

Ecocide is happening very day; mass damage and destruction or loss of ecosystems. Thing is, it is not illegal to do this. Law has caused this problem by putting profit before people and planet.

We can change this, so that business can be a force for life-affirming profits, rather than life-destroying activities that prevent us living in peace enjoyment of our Earth.


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    May 9 2013: except we have no idea what harms the environment and what does not, and the last thing we want is politicians decide it.

    as an example, the EU decided to play nice guy, and ban a certain insecticide that might be linked to the decline of bee populations. i suppose the patent holder is american, and the actual reason is economic warfare, but let's just put that aside for the moment. so hungary, a member of the EU, was forced to comply with that policy. except we have no decline in our bee populations. the bees around here are fine. also, using that stuff here won't kill the bees anywhere else. so what is the exact logic of that decision? this is politicians protecting life.

    so nice as it sounds, the proposed solution has no chance of working.

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