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Will we ever know enough?

The accumulation of knowledge defines us as human. Each epoch adds a new layer of knowledge. It builds on the thoughts of past generations. The proliferation of knowledge does not have a direction, a finite capacity, or a definitive goal, . It simply exists in context to itself.

In essence knowledge is only limited by our imagination. In the entire history of knowledge we have never had the ability to find immutable truths. Yet it continues to accumulate.

Is there some point when we should cease to accumulate knowledge and simply live our lives by deepening the understanding of the knowledge we possess?


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  • May 11 2013: Here's another thought…when people take a vacation they often reduce their lives to the essential reality of their rustic cabin? (of course they feel guilty because they've disconnected from the flow of information)

    So now extrapolate this to sometime in the near future when we have satiated our needs and have only endless wants…how are we going to annex ourselves from the insatiable need to change simply to sustain the infrastructure of change?

    Or is change infinitely necessary? (After all the universe doesn't change as much as it transforms from one state to another within a finite set of probabilities.)

    [nobody reads long comments…but sometimes it's nice to think out loud] ;-)

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