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Will we ever know enough?

The accumulation of knowledge defines us as human. Each epoch adds a new layer of knowledge. It builds on the thoughts of past generations. The proliferation of knowledge does not have a direction, a finite capacity, or a definitive goal, . It simply exists in context to itself.

In essence knowledge is only limited by our imagination. In the entire history of knowledge we have never had the ability to find immutable truths. Yet it continues to accumulate.

Is there some point when we should cease to accumulate knowledge and simply live our lives by deepening the understanding of the knowledge we possess?


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  • May 7 2013: I believe that the world is constantly changing so it inhabitants need to change as well in order to survive. Learning is a crucial element to mental, physical, and spiritual growth. How can we make lifestyle decisions if we are unaware of the causes, effects, and alternatives? We learn everyday, the only time we're not learning is when we're dead, and if there is an afterlife, we're probably learning there too.
    Our collection of knowledge is unique among individuals and it does depend on their imagination, if they do not believe certain things to be in existence, they're not going to take the time to learn the ins and outs of those things.
    In terms of ceasing knowledge, that's not possible. We all are gaining knowledge, even if it is something as simple as a new dish to cook for dinner. I believe that humans play around with the line between obtaining knowledge, and tampering with the natural way of things. I believe in the prayer of serenity whole heartily, we can learn about any and everything we want, but we shouldn't try to change or control everything we learn about

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