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The perks of California welfare system

The LA Times just published a article that said over 70 million dollars from California Welfare System credit cards have shown up in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Flordia, cruise ships, and vacation spots in Europe.

The system is so bad that they cannot trace whos card it was only that it was drawn on the CA Welfare System account.

Welfare fraud is big business and welfare is always one of the largest budget items in every state. What can be done that provides for a better system and stops / prevents / holds crooks accountable.

With millions out of work and millions in need this is a important issue.

  • May 5 2013: The welfare system?
    Bankers, stockbrokers, financial institutions, the medical insurance industry, the CIA, who blatantly admitted they lost? Lost? 2.3 trillion dollars!!!!!!!!!! Have you forgotten the bailout? HMMMMMMMMMM?
    Have you forgotten the bonuses they got paid and how they partied? How could you focus on this trivial stuff when those at the top are stealing enormous amounts of money from you?

    Well, that's just what they want you to do. Look the other way. Look the wrong way. Look at the wrong group.
    And that's what most are doing.

    A billion dollars is 1,000 times more than a million. A trillion is a million, million. You are looking in the wrong direction and at the wrong people concerning a welfare system.

    Welfare people live at the top, on the backs of others and very, very well.
    It is even in most of your institutions.
    Don't forget the California school that needed books, working toilets and the Administration spent $150,000 on a new school logo, new teacher lounges, furniture and other comfort perks and left the students without books or working toilets.

    You said it yourself: "Welfare fraud is big business"
    That's why the money, the real money, the real big money, goes up, not down.
    The Big Dig? Supposed to cost $2.8 billion. Finished up at $14.6 billion, ultimately estimated to go higher yet to $22 billion.
    Do you think this money went into the pockets and accounts of regular workers?
    HA! No. It went somewhere else. Just look up when ever you wish to know who are the real crooks

    The creation of the first Superfund, designated to cleanup 20,000 nuclear waste sites.

    The immediate loss of, I think it was, 1.3 or 1.5 billion dollars for this purpose.
    Still has never been found. One person went to prison for it, but she didn't have the money but one thing you can bet on, someone high up does. Someone you might vote for or already have. Someone you believe and trust, who is filthy rich.

    That's your welfare system.
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      May 5 2013: RC, We have on many occassion beat all of these "robberies" up. Also included disaster relief and other big money "goofs" by feds, states, locals, etc ...

      This just happened to be the latest news story. I was amazed that the cards could not be traced to the person they were issued to .... that appears to me begging for problems.

      We could all point at someone and say they cheated and profited. When Nancy Polsi got caught with insider trading on the VISA issue and made millions. There were a couple of stories and the news tucked in their collective tails and said it was ok for her to cheat because she is a memeber of the elete ... it is only against the law if your not in congress or higher.

      Some TED members hold that ALL citizens should be judged equally. Some hold to party alligiance and oppose equality and support eletism.

      That is not "my welfare system" ... I would support a hand up system not a hand out system.

  • May 7 2013: The problem with the welfare system is mainly due to the attitude of the elected governor and the members of the state houses of the legislators. It seems that the government there couldn't say "no" to the citizens on welfare and the unions representing the state or local government employees. It seems to me that the government(s) couldn't refuse the demands of the pay raise, pension subsidies and welfare money whatever employees asked. Of course, they would extend the generosity to the welfare recipients too. The only thing they disregard is the taxpayers money, and the public debt by extension.
    But the welfare system is not completely responsible. Many European countries have welfare system, and not all of them are falling onto massive debt either. A few of them are doing quite well such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland there are countries outside of Europe such as Australia, New Zealand and our neighbor; Canada. Most of them take care of people, even foreigners with their health care, housing(with low rent) and even some pensions for elderly. However, they probably don't issue blank credit card that could be used for anything.
    Also, I live in Texas, where there are no income taxes. We do pay property taxes, but the rates have been stayed the same during the past 20 years or so. I have operated a C corporation together with a few of my relatives, we paid no (franchise) taxes for the past 10 years because our net income have been less than $25,000. I believe that most of the welfare benefits here are from the Federal Government. The state and local governments are only responsible for Medicaid, free vaccination and charity hospitals, women and child services and homeless shelters. And we don't have a nameless blank charge card system here either.
    The reason for the difference is that we, as you said, haven't voted for candidates like those elected in California.
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      May 7 2013: Hi Bart,
      Yes , The card we have here that replaced food stamps is being misused and abused. I would like to see HEB print out what was purchased using these cards. Not only purchases that could be easily converted to cash
      but more importantly inedibles that have led to the obesity problems we face.
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    May 6 2013: We are not sufficiently advanced in our journey to Socialism. We have the free Kool-Aid part in place but the totalitarian discipline which is needed to regulate such an" economy" is yet to be installed. It probably will be coming along shortly.Once the people are dumbed-down and disarmed the DHS brown shirts can eliminate these cheaters. . . and all those hostile to the Socialist Way. Welfare cheaters and freedom-loving individuals beware. One more consecutive liberal administration ought to do it.
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      May 6 2013: And Homeland Security may have the guns and bullets to pull it off.
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    May 5 2013: When the state hands out money to the poor or indigent, there is no face to that money, it doesn't have soul.
    Before, we had extensive state welfare, back in the old days, if you fell on hard times, you got help from a local church or maybe the Salvation Army. There was a person that you had to ask, could be a nun. or a minister, or a member of the SA who sat with you and listened to your story and had empathy. A person who expected you to take your relief and put it to good use. Unlike today, when you're handed forms by a bureaucrat who cares less about your situation. She has 20 people inline behind you. So, the attitude about the money received is one of party not responsibility
  • May 5 2013: Institutions crumbling everywhere. In our frustration, we single them out as if they are isolated events and can be repaired. Alas, they cannot. The fragmentation is pickin up steam.

    Relief comes from an examination of what is COMMON to all that is declining. Otherwise, keep movin those deck chairs as furiously as you can.
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      May 5 2013: Scott, We have over the years beat up almost every "stupid finicial act" at federal, state, and local levels. Most of the travisties still continue. I was really surprised that the cards had no means of tracking them back to the person they were issued to. This begs thieft, corruption, etc ...

      I could ... by my standards and opinions .... start a finger pointing campaign to what is common and could even provide some facts that would back me up. Those opposed would point back and say it ain't so.

      The one common thing that all states and even the EU countries share is the welfare programs are the largest budget item on thier plates. These same folks share the fact that they spend more than they make thus making the debit higher than the GDP. We could start with those two areas and MAYBE allow the ship to limp back to safety and give the deck hands a break in moving the deck chairs.

      It ain't a cure ... but ya gotta start somewhere. My suggestion is to get rid of the fed and take checkbooks away from elected idiots. Currently these people are above the law .... they must be held accountable other than by elections.

      Thanks for the reply. I wish you well. Bob.
      • May 5 2013: Hi Bob. I think what is common to these seemingly isolated crumblings is also common to all of us. The institutions are us and we are the institutions. The system we currently have in place to elect our leaders actually Selects for a certain Type of Being. In very much the same way a public school "system" will Select a certain Type of Being. That Ecosystem identifies those "winners-in-the-system" as Gifted or as Leaders. In the Political case, it does not select for Idiots but Rather a lower "quality" of Awareness. (I use Quality for lack of a better word). SO, your Idiots are really just small, seemingly isolated, packets of awareness that are Truly Doing the Best that they can. A monkey wearing a $700 suit is still a monkey. It is still a monkey who wages wars, centrally plans lacking sufficient perspective, and rules its entire life from an Ego Dominant vantage point. Once this is truly recognized and understood, we begin to divert our attention from the misperceived idiocy of individuals to the Ecosystem as a Whole which Selects for them. We begin speculate on tweaks that will slowly begin to transform the ecosystem. As we engage in speculative dialogue (not debate), one theme is maintained: what will Select & Support the presence of a higher quality of Consciousness in Leadership?

        I use the term monkey not in a derogatory sense but rather to illustrate a point for they exist on all parts of the political spectrum. Further, I consider myself a monkey who's just barely bright enough to realize politics, in its current manifestation, is a net destructive force. Simply examine our trajectory to see this.

        To be sure, we are ruled by inferiors. There's no sense in defending truth when it speaks for itself.
        I admire your passion and engagement.
  • May 5 2013: Look I am in Texas. We have different problems, but there are always some people.....................
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      May 5 2013: Yeah, your right. Like the saying goes ... there ain't no cure for stupid.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.