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The perks of California welfare system

The LA Times just published a article that said over 70 million dollars from California Welfare System credit cards have shown up in Las Vegas, Hawaii, Flordia, cruise ships, and vacation spots in Europe.

The system is so bad that they cannot trace whos card it was only that it was drawn on the CA Welfare System account.

Welfare fraud is big business and welfare is always one of the largest budget items in every state. What can be done that provides for a better system and stops / prevents / holds crooks accountable.

With millions out of work and millions in need this is a important issue.


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  • May 7 2013: The problem with the welfare system is mainly due to the attitude of the elected governor and the members of the state houses of the legislators. It seems that the government there couldn't say "no" to the citizens on welfare and the unions representing the state or local government employees. It seems to me that the government(s) couldn't refuse the demands of the pay raise, pension subsidies and welfare money whatever employees asked. Of course, they would extend the generosity to the welfare recipients too. The only thing they disregard is the taxpayers money, and the public debt by extension.
    But the welfare system is not completely responsible. Many European countries have welfare system, and not all of them are falling onto massive debt either. A few of them are doing quite well such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland there are countries outside of Europe such as Australia, New Zealand and our neighbor; Canada. Most of them take care of people, even foreigners with their health care, housing(with low rent) and even some pensions for elderly. However, they probably don't issue blank credit card that could be used for anything.
    Also, I live in Texas, where there are no income taxes. We do pay property taxes, but the rates have been stayed the same during the past 20 years or so. I have operated a C corporation together with a few of my relatives, we paid no (franchise) taxes for the past 10 years because our net income have been less than $25,000. I believe that most of the welfare benefits here are from the Federal Government. The state and local governments are only responsible for Medicaid, free vaccination and charity hospitals, women and child services and homeless shelters. And we don't have a nameless blank charge card system here either.
    The reason for the difference is that we, as you said, haven't voted for candidates like those elected in California.
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      May 7 2013: Hi Bart,
      Yes , The card we have here that replaced food stamps is being misused and abused. I would like to see HEB print out what was purchased using these cards. Not only purchases that could be easily converted to cash
      but more importantly inedibles that have led to the obesity problems we face.

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